Workout ADD and Group Exercise Pet Peeves

Last night as I was preparing for my day today, I simply could not make up my mind on which workout to do! I considered “Body Works” (LA Fitness’ version of Body Pump, except instructors don’t necessarily follow a track) at 8:30am but it is with the same instructor I took Friday morning. She is great and all, but I needed a change so I contemplated a cycling class instead but it was another instructor I took last week.  This leads me to some pet peeves during group exercise pet peeves.

  1. SAME ROUTINE/PLAYLIST ALL. THE. TIME. I think the best instructors are, not only those that will give you a serious sweat, but those that keep things interesting my changing up their music or workouts. While this particular instructor pushes you and has a Top 40 type playlist, he hardly changes up his playlist and/or routine. For example, I recently returned to LA Fitness after moving back home from school and only one or two songs have changed from his playlist since last summer!! Its really hard to get myself to show up to a class if I already know what to expect.
  2. LAZY INSTRUCTORS. Now, I understand that many instructors often teach multiple classes a day, but sometimes I get an instructor that is completely unmotivated. One instructor gets off the bike for the more challenging tracks and stands and yells at us. While, I am okay with this most of the time, there are times when the energy in the class severely decreases. Everyone slows down and begins to ride at a moderate pace when we’re supposed to be doing jumps or sprints. One of the great things about group exercise classes is that you feed off of everyone else’s’ energy to get you through the workout, so its hard to stay motivated when everyone else looks like they’re dying.
  3. TALKING DURING CLASS. It is commonly known group exercise etiquette that you don’t talk during the class. It is disrespectful to the instructor and to your fellow classmates. Also, if you’re talking then you’re probably not working hard enough Winking smile

Anyways, since I had just taken both instructors available this morning, I decided to hold off my workout for later on this afternoon since I have the day off today. In this way, I have workout A.D.D. I need to switch things up constantly or else I get bored and unmotivated! This is a huge reason why I don’t usually follow a workout plan. I cannot sacrifice variety! Trying new things and pushing my body in new ways is what I love about working out. It makes things fun and working out is no longer a “chore” or something I have to force myself to do.

Also, I am a total morning workout person. Usually, if I don’t get my workout in first thing in the morning, its probably not going to happen. However, this morning, nothing sounded appealing! Not even a run on the treadmill while catching up on my favorite shows! I knew I wanted a group exercise class so I decided to take a new instructor for Body Works later on. Now I am excited for a new workout! Just comes to show that sometimes all you need is something new for a little motivation.

Instead of working out I drank a cup of coffee while catching up on some blogs on Bloglovin’ (anyone else use this?) before making myself another batch of Cookies n Cream Cookie Dough Pancakes!


Seriously guys, SO GOOD.

After catching up on some work emails and more blogs, I decided to make Jamie Eason’s Pumpkin Protein Bars! I halved the batch to make 12 muffins and used a new Herbalife product that I got:


This is amazing and it is part of their newly released line of products specifically for athletes (I workout 5 – 6 days/week and am constantly challenging my body so yes, I AM AN ATHLETE). While the protein content in this mix is not very high (Click on Nutritional Label for full image) it is specifically formulated for athletes.

Quality performance starts with solid nutrition. Taken any time during the day, this healthy meal is specifically formulated for athlete’s daily dietary needs.

  • Milk protein supports lean muscle mass
  • Carbohydrate blend provides immediate and sustained energy
  • L-Glutamine supports muscle growth and immune function
  • Antioxidant protection


A few hours later, I was ready for lunch. I halved STUFT Mama’s Green Chia Cookie Monster Dough Dip and had it was a sliced apple. I accidently deleted the picture thinking it had already uploaded Sad smile But lets face it, it isn’t the prettiest thing (although, it is DELICIOUS!) to look at AND it was on a paper plate so its probably better that I have no picture, haha.

I needed something salty to go with the apple and dip so I made myself half a pita stuffed with ham, hummus, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, jalapenos and LOTS OF MUSTARD.


HOLY. I was STUFFED. I probably would have been satisfied with just the cookie dough dip and the apple, but it was all so good nonetheless.

What are your group exercise pet peeves?

Do you have workout “A.D.D.”? How do you handle it?


Love is NOT Abuse: My experience at a Domestic Violence Shelter

WOW, I haven’t posted since my first day! There is a lot going on in my life right now. My Aunt/Godmother who battled breast cancer a few years back recently relapsed and now has a very advanced liver cancer. My family and I have made her a priority and, as she gets worse, we are spending more and more time with her. Also, its graduation season! I have been attending a graduation every weekend it seems and they just keep on coming. On top of that, I started my summer job. As you continue to follow my blog, you will come to see how important my job is to me. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to feature it and my connection to social justice.

Like most freshman, I struggled with my transition into college. I found myself feeling lonely and lost and was unhappy with my group of acquaintances I has latched on to as I desperately tried to fit in. My loneliness slowly perpetuated into self-destruction. I deemed myself as “not good enough” and criticized myself too harshly. I was caught in the vicious cycle of negative body image and poor self-worth. It was not until I joined Belles Service Organization, a group of 50 women committed to volunteering 30+ hours a semester around the Los Angeles County that I finally began to feel like I belonged. Not only did I feel like I had found my family away from home, but the gratitude that I received from those I served offered me a new sense of purpose in my life. It no longer mattered to me how people looked at me because the families that I encountered and the 49 other woman that I served with looked at me with admiration; they judged me, not by how well I fit into my jeans or by the clothes that I wore, but by my passions. They saw in me my yearning to help others and they deemed in beautiful.

My deep passion for service and newfound self-acceptance led me to my current job as a Community Engagement Fellow for Good Shepherd Shelter, a shelter for battered woman and their children. As a fellow, I am the liaison between my school and the shelter. I am the main resource on my campus to the Shelter and am the primary advocate of the issue of Domestic Violence. I coordinate and hold volunteer trainings, consciousness raising events around campus of domestic violence and oversee fundraising events for the shelter.

More importantly however, through my job, I have had the opportunity to interact with the children who live at the shelter which has proven to be the most worthwhile of all. Although I cannot say that I have ever directly experienced the issue myself, I can say that I can relate to the feelings that many of the children there are trying to cope with. There is fear, confusion, sadness, loneliness, betrayal; the same feelings that I have had to deal with and that have made me strong and at times seek guidance of others. It was not until I made this realization that I was really able to align myself with the children I am working with. This is what has connected me more to the issue. I was inspired to participate in the healing of the families and the growth of each individual. I no longer see myself as serving the individuals at the shelter, but rather as a sister who is concerned about their well-being and interested in their progress.

Working for a non-profit has helped me to realize that there is certainly a need for a strong voice particularly for worthy causes that seem to be silent to society. Working with the domestic violence issue this past year really emphasized the need for more action. Because of this, I have a better focus on how I would like to use my communications major to be the voice in a non-profit organization. To be honest, before I had the opportunity of volunteering at a non-profit organization, I never really thought that this was going to be my career path. I have always known that I liked to help and support others but I had not thought of working for a non-profit until I spent significant time at the shelter. I know that it has been said before, but it is important to say that it is very rewarding to work with those who need support. My goal is that they get as much from me as I get from them.

My deepening passion for the cause and my ever-growing love for the children and their families have inspired me to dedicate my time to their well-being and the growth of the shelter. I have since begun developing the shelter’s first consistent extracurricular program, a dance program geared towards providing the women and children an outlet of expression. The goal of this program is to improve the well-being of the families and to ease their healing process. I have also become a member of the Junior Board of Directors for the shelter, a group of 25 – 40 year old “young professionals” who serve as ambassadors, helping to organize fundraising events. At 21 years old, I am the youngest member and have acquired a deep admiration for the dedication shown by the Board of Directors and Junior Board that has inspired me to continue my fight for the social justice of the women and these children.

My passion and commitment to the families at the shelter and to the issue have not only offered me perspective, but they have lifted me up from the darkness time of my life in ways that nothing ever has. I no longer look back at this time with great disdain and sadness, because I know that without I would not have embarked on a journey to self-acceptance and passion that led me to Good Shepherd Shelter. I have grown so much spiritually and professionally during my time at the shelter that I could whole heartedly say I have found my purpose in life- I want to the woman for others; a woman that, per the values of the Good Shepherd Sisters, supports the residents through their healing process; affirms the dignity of each one as a child of God; and strives to end the generational cycle of violence; a woman that thrives off the challenges in her life, because they make her stronger.

I cannot stress to you all enough how important it is to go out there a do good for others. I found my way out of the darkest time of my life by living graciously and full of humility.

Now that I feel settled into my schedule and all my initial meetings are out of the way, I will blog more Smile

Taking the Plunge

So here I am, 2 years and 2478739823 OIAJs later and I have finally joined the blogsphere. I had every intention to do it sooner but, you know, life gets in the way sometimes! But now, oh now, it’s time 🙂 It is the first day of summer before my senior year of college where I am studying Communications and Journalism! To think that I started following blogs almost three years blows my mind! I feel like I have practically grown up with my favorite bloggers: Courtney, Julie, Kath, and Jenny!

I thought I would begin with what you should and what you shouldn’t expect from my blog.

Do expect:

1. Instagram cell phone pictures (sadly, my phone’s camera has been a lot better to me than my real one)

2.  Quick and super simple single-serving recipes. Three years living in a college dorm/apartment you know nothing else =P

3. Lots of pancakes and nut butter… I’m serious. If you don’t like pancakes or nut butter then I cry for you.

4. Actually, referring back to number 3, lots of BREAKFAST food in general. Breakfast is where it’s at.

5. To see my favorite meals often. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Although one of my goals with this blog is to try new things and new recipes!

Don’t expect:

  1. Anything gourmet =P I’ll leave that up to the pros!
  2. Lots of chia seeds.  Even when I do buy them it’s about 1/4 of a cup at a time. Yes, I epitomize the broke college student.
  3. Marathon recaps. I cringe at the thought. Instead, I live vicariously through my fellow bloggers J

Now that we have established that, welcome to PB on my Spoon! 🙂

Cookies N Cream Cookie Dough Pancakes

This morning, I had a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with nut butter with a cup of Raspberry Chocolate coffee (BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD BTW) pre-workout.

My back felt a little off this morning after my workout yesterday. I did one of my go-to circuit workouts, Lindsay’s 5×50 workout. I LOVE IT, but I rushed through it and I think I may have sacrificed some form because I felt a pull in my back this morning. WATCH YOUR FORM PEOPLE! So today I decided to take it simple and completed Courtney’s 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Walk. I like intense workouts as much as the other person but sometimes it is nice to vary up your intensity levels and this workout definitely fit the bill. Despite being a walking workout, I definitely got my sweat on!

For a while I was car-less and had to resort to home workouts which forced me to get creative in my garage. I present to you my workout space:


Yup, that’s my laptop, my kindle, a copy of the workout, and speakers which I connected to my laptop. It is awesome my friends.

Afterwards I showered before preparing my post workout breakfast. (RANDOM FACT: I cannot sit down and eat post-workout until I have showered and made my bed. I’m not the only one am I?)

Breakfast was AMAZING! Probably one of the best I have ever had and that’s saying a lot because I have breakfast A LOT. I introduce to you…

Cookies N Cream Cookie Dough Pancakes (serves 1)


3 Tablespoons Pancake Mix

1 Scoop Herbalife Cookies N Cream Nutritional Shake Mix

2 Tablespoons Egg Substitute

1 Tablespoon Applesauce

3 Tablespoons Almond Milk

1 Teaspoon Flaxseed Meal

Baking powder, baking soda and salt


Mix all the ingredients then pour onto the griddle! Super easy. This recipe makes two big fluffy pancakes but could easily be doubled or tripled to feed more people. Here they are pre-cooking:Image

Check out the cookie pieces in these babies! It tasted as if I was biting into a doughy cookie. SO SO SO GOOD.

I topped mine with a mix of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Almond Butter, Cookie Butter and Almond Butter with Flaxseeds, butter and SF syrup.

EDITED: Check out these Nutrition Stats! Under 150 Calories before toppings and look at all those vitamins and minerals you are getting! This recipe is a winner.If you haven’t used Herbalife’s Nutritional Shake mixes or protein powders I suggest you do ASAP. I am OBSESSED. They come in so many different flavors and are so versatile!

Yes, I am that indecisive that I get a little of each nut butter! Actually, I always have to have at least different jars. See, I was not kidding about my obsession with pancakes and nut butter.

I’m off to tackle my to-do list for the day but I will catch you all later!

Have you tried Herbalife products before?

What are your favorite at-home workouts?