Taking the Plunge

So here I am, 2 years and 2478739823 OIAJs later and I have finally joined the blogsphere. I had every intention to do it sooner but, you know, life gets in the way sometimes! But now, oh now, it’s time 🙂 It is the first day of summer before my senior year of college where I am studying Communications and Journalism! To think that I started following blogs almost three years blows my mind! I feel like I have practically grown up with my favorite bloggers: Courtney, Julie, Kath, and Jenny!

I thought I would begin with what you should and what you shouldn’t expect from my blog.

Do expect:

1. Instagram cell phone pictures (sadly, my phone’s camera has been a lot better to me than my real one)

2.  Quick and super simple single-serving recipes. Three years living in a college dorm/apartment you know nothing else =P

3. Lots of pancakes and nut butter… I’m serious. If you don’t like pancakes or nut butter then I cry for you.

4. Actually, referring back to number 3, lots of BREAKFAST food in general. Breakfast is where it’s at.

5. To see my favorite meals often. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Although one of my goals with this blog is to try new things and new recipes!

Don’t expect:

  1. Anything gourmet =P I’ll leave that up to the pros!
  2. Lots of chia seeds.  Even when I do buy them it’s about 1/4 of a cup at a time. Yes, I epitomize the broke college student.
  3. Marathon recaps. I cringe at the thought. Instead, I live vicariously through my fellow bloggers J

Now that we have established that, welcome to PB on my Spoon! 🙂


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